View Full Version : Seattle-Polaroid 20x24

Tracy Storer
4-Sep-2004, 15:50
I am bringing the 20x24 camera to Seattle next week for a photo industry event, and have offered access to the camera through a vendor in Seattle. If anyone is interested in using the camera while I'm there, please contact me via email. I don't wish to violate the non-commercial rule on the forum, but thought this would be of interest to those in the Pacific Northwest.

4-Sep-2004, 16:49
It's a "workshop", right? Call it a "workshop"...... Yeah, that's it!

15-Sep-2004, 07:13

NOT FAIR!!!! How do you expect me to come play with the 20X24 when you come up to Seattle at the "wrong time"? I am now in Guangzhou China, and soon off to Tibet. Not fair!!!! :-)


Tracy Storer
15-Sep-2004, 07:34
Polaroid had me bring the camera to the Glazers/Ivey Block Party on Thursday 9/9/04. Then I stayed for a couple rentals before coming home. I'll come back up again, maybe even soon, keep an eye on the "workshop/events" page of my website. I will try to keep it current with my travels. http://www.mammothcamera.com/workshopsevents.html