View Full Version : Suter Anastigmat serie I

6-Jan-2014, 08:10
I've received a Suter Anastigmat serie I no 6, 400mm f-seem-to-be-8. Vade Mecum said that it was Dagor clone, but I doubt that, since the rear cell is larger than the front, and two cells are thinner while distance between them is longer than Goerz Dagor. Anyone have more info?

Steven Tribe
6-Jan-2014, 09:16
There is quite an extensive previous thread which mentions it as a 4 + 4 and F6.8, but the larger ones may be slower like a number of other lens types (including the Dagor - F7.7).

6-Jan-2014, 09:29
4+4 so it is'nt a Dagor?

Steven Tribe
6-Jan-2014, 14:39
The earlier threads suggest that the 4th lens was an attempt to circumvent Goerz's patent as it appeared in the late 1890's when Goerz still could have complained! Patent/Registered design periods were very short at the time. So soon afterwards there were dozens of Dagor copies made by others.

6-Jan-2014, 16:21
Thank you Steven.