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Bill Kumpf
6-Jan-2014, 07:43
It is time for me to try rotary processing. I came across “Cibachrome” Mark II color processing drums with a Unicolor roller reversing base. These tubes are the smooth without ridges. I want to process FP4+ and X-Ray 8x10 negatives using Pryocat HD. I currently tray process and contact print on Multigrade VC paper.

Will the smooth tubes work with one sheet of film? Should they be modified?

Is there any words of wisdom be fore I jump into this?


6-Jan-2014, 08:30
I process FP4 in those smooth drums and it works great although, as you say, only one sheet at a time.

The amount of chemistry used in those drums is really low so if you're using a fairly dilute developer that may be an issue. I don't have my developing notes handy but IIRC I was using 75-100 ml of developer per sheet of whole plate or 8x10 film. I use HC-110 at 1:49 so basically just barely getting by on the minimum amount of syrup needed.

6-Jan-2014, 13:05
I use Cibachrome Mark II drums on a Unicolor base exclusively for LF negative processing and it's a great system. The only thing I'll add is that because the negative will plaster itself to the smooth inside of the drum the chemistry does not always reach the back of the film evenly and therefore not all of the anti-halation dyes are removed. This is not a problem so long as you fix the sheet a while longer in a tray once it comes out of the drum and wash it thoroughly afterwards. Trust me, the dye will eventually rinse out, but it can take some time.

I think you'll enjoy rotary processing. Best of luck.