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4-Sep-2004, 12:44
How much difference is there between an 8x10 image taken with a pinhole, and one made with a simple meniscus lens?

4-Sep-2004, 15:04
I have no experience with a meniscus lens at 8x10; but I can tell you that from using both meniscus and pinhole at 6x7, a meniscus lens is capable of surprising detail/sharpness using black and white film.. A pinhole image will always be soft, and you run the risk of vignetting/overexposing the center if your pinhole is too small, but the depth of field from a pinhole appears almost infinite (because everything near to far is equally soft). Regards,

Ernest Purdum
4-Sep-2004, 15:43
A simple meniscus lens designed for photographic work will focus one color of light onto a more or less flat surface. This doesn't work very well with film which is sensitive to the whole visible spectrum. It also will requre a correction after focusing, since the film will be most sensitive to a different color than the eye. One family of Kodak's box cameras had a curved back so that their meniscus lenses would work better. If it is an achromatized meniscus with two pieces of glass, it can do better with modern films, both color and black and white. The old "landscape" lenses were apt to be of this type, By the way, most are intended to be used with the glass behind the stop.

A pinhole doesn't bring any part of the image to an actual focus. That's why it can be used at different camera front to back spacings.

The principles are the same whatever film size is used.

David F. Stein
5-Sep-2004, 18:32
My pinhole article on Luminous Landscape and links have many taken with 5x7. http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/pinhole.shtml

Good comments as always by Ernest. I have the 4x5 Western Cyclone and I believe it has the 2-element achromatic meniscus being discussed. Anyway, surprisingly detailed and sharp images. GOOD LUCK.