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3-Sep-2004, 17:34
Bought this and am trying to figure it out.

Can someone point me to an online user's manual. Especially an explanation about the scale on the fine focus knob. Why is it marked in degrees?

3-Sep-2004, 18:11
"Why is it marked in degrees? "

Keep guessing Mark.



Enjoy your new Sinar - my favourite monorail.


3-Sep-2004, 20:41
Do you think anyone actually shoots that heavy SOB with the hand hold attachment? Damn. Okay now I want to know what a depth of field scale collar is?

Thanks for the link.

Walter Glover
3-Sep-2004, 20:56

First the left hand side dial with 'degree' and black/speckle ranges:

Set focus on the lower horizontal line of the inner marked rectangle of the groundglass or the left hand vertical edge of the same rectangle. Null the left hand dial to the Zero position. Now focus on the opposite perimeter of the rectangle. At this point read off the degrees on the scale and apply as either tilt or swing depending upon which plane you chose to work on.

Now, the right hand depth of field scale. Focus on the furthest point you wish to include withing the zone of acceptable sharpness. Null the collar to Zero. Now focus on the near point. Look at the dial and it will indicate the necessary aperture to set on the lens. Now, turn the focus knob back 2-stops and that gives the point of optimal focus. This is good for working at medium to long distances. With close-up work a second run through the routine may be necessary and at a point the stated aperture becomes excessive. Someone with the Sinar book open in front of them would have to tell you that point.

4-Sep-2004, 06:30
If the Sinar hand-holder popped up for auction, there probably wouldn't be a huge scramble for it. Tho' I'd certainly love to try it even if it isn't particularly practical as the Sinar needs a stand to rest on in between the making of exposures.

Large format is just so chic - it's a real crowd puller, even if you're working in the middle of a forest or open field. Go on - get a hand grip and do some street photography and let us know what it's like! Just adopt Winogrand's standing still phenomenon and it's easy to pull off as bizarre peering expressions of passerbys create an aura of excitement in the view camera lens ;)

If you're just getting to grips with the view camera, it's easy to sort out focussing in the initial stages of using the Sinar by using a decent lupe to assess depth of field on the focussing screen at any given aperture. Of course this is nowhere near as precise as the Sinar's 2-point focusing method described in Walter's concise instructions.

4-Sep-2004, 11:36
I'm not new to LF but am new to Sinar. I will be printing off walter's explanation and then giving it a go. Seems kind of confusing though. I am sure it will take some practice.

Thanks guys. The whole fold up proceedure sure makes it a smaller package to deal with.

Assuming I get all my work done this weekend I just might go play. Right now it is sitting in the box.

15-Sep-2004, 16:58
Hi Mark,

Just try the link below :


It's in french but the pictures may give you some additional info.

Anyway it works fine.