View Full Version : Drive rubber rings for motor bases?

Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2014, 07:42
These, apparently, don't last for ever!
I rescued a developing session with a Ilfochrome base with double elastic bands.
NOS is probably not a good idea (aging stock) and I am nervous about sewing machine similar drives having too much resistance.
Anyone found any good sources for replacements - or is this a good time to replace the motor as well with a heavier duty item ?

Liquid Artist
4-Jan-2014, 08:30
Just wondering if a Kerby Vacuum cleaners drive belt would work. They often last for decades of hard use vacuuming , so they may just last a lifetime on a motor base.
Other brands of vacuums may have belts too, but I really don't know.

Jim Noel
4-Jan-2014, 08:34
Take the old one to a NAPA store and pick one from their very complete assortment of "O" rings.

4-Jan-2014, 16:37
I had to replace the drive belts in both of my Beseler Negatrans carriers and found the right diameter belts as continuous lines at an appliance supply store. They had several diameters and all you had to do was cut to the proper length and then use common super glue to attach the ends. After sitting for a few minutes, they were ready to install and use immediately. Essentially, you make to order your own o-rings. I don't know if they had flot stock as well as the round, but it may be worth a try.