View Full Version : Schneider Angulon f6.8 90mm

3-Jan-2014, 09:48
I have one of these but have never used it. Shutter sticks below 1/50. Anywho, thought I'd mount it and mess around. However, there are some threads on the back of the lens that would indicate that it perhaps uses a second element on the back???

Dan Fromm
3-Jan-2014, 09:56
Go here http://web.archive.org/web/20100922053809/http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm and download the 1963 Angulon/Super Angulon brochure to see an Angulon cross-section. There should be glass on both sides of the diaphragm.

Ian Greenhalgh
3-Jan-2014, 10:26
Yup, definitely should be a cell in the back. :(