View Full Version : overlaminating color prints

chris jordan
3-Sep-2004, 11:58
Hey guys, has anyone researched the issue of archival overlaminates for prints? I'm wanting to display my Ultrachrome prints without glass, and I'm trying to find out what overlaminate materials and adhesives are considered archival (if any). Any thoughts from those who have some knowledge on this subject?



Clayton Tume
3-Sep-2004, 17:28

a while back I searched around for info on this subject, my main interest was the stability of school photos which are always supplied in an overlaminate, at least they are in this part of the world. I found there's lots of info on Kodaks website about this subject and they give recommendations. Sorry I can't be more specific but a quick search there will dig up what you want.


John Cook
3-Sep-2004, 18:32
I once worked for a Hollywood advertising photographer who had some 20x24 color portfolio prints plastic-laminated as an experiment to cut down the weight of a doubleweight dry-mounted portfolio.

The laminating material had a high gloss, scratched easily and in general had a hideously un-artistic look. Like they had been prepared by a government agency to hang in some public toilet.

If you see some actual samples or have one of your prints done, that may end the question for you right there.