View Full Version : Sinar Rodenstock 75mm f4.5 Grandagon-N / Sinar F2 lens board question

Michael Lloyd
1-Jan-2014, 18:29
Bear with me, lenses for large format are still black magic to me.

I just picked up a used Sinar Rodenstock 75mm f4.5 Grandagon-N with a Copal 0 shutter. I am planning to use it with my Sinar F2 (I have a set of bag bellows for it if necessary). Do I need a recessed lens board or will the "normal lens board" work? Will I need to use the bag bellows? Actually... I think that's a dumb question because I needed them for a 90mm Nikon lens that I borrowed. Either way, I guess I would like an answer from someone that knows a lot more than I do about it (easy to find here).

David Schaller
1-Jan-2014, 19:08
Bag bellows will make life much easier. No need for recessed lens board. I have the same camera and lens.
Enjoy the wide world!

Michael Lloyd
1-Jan-2014, 19:26
I'm looking forward to it. I'm really starting to see the benefit of 4x5.

8x10 user
3-Jan-2014, 09:35
Let me know if you decide that you need a recessed Sinar lens board. I have an extra half dozen of them sitting in a box in the closet.

BTW, That is a fantastic lens you have there. I used one on a phase one back and it was just as pixel perfectly sharp as the Sironar Digital line... It was a 9 um 22 mp back.