View Full Version : Merry Christmas to me

Michael Lloyd
1-Jan-2014, 18:24
I finally bit the bullet and bought a Jobo Expert Drum as a Christmas present for myself. I just finished up (4) Delta 100 negs from this morning's annual 1/1/xx photo shoot (I've made it a tradition to go "shoot something" without an agenda or pre-planning for the last 5 years. Its a good way for me to start off the new year).

I don't have a lot of darkroom time under my belt. Fact is out of 10 or 12 negatives that I've tried to develop I've managed to screw up all but 2 or 3. Until today. If the photographer did his job right I will have 100%, 4 out of 4, good negatives. For once it looks like I didn't have a darkroom issue. I'm a pretty happy camper right now. :)

Now if UPS will find my house (so far the shipment has been delayed twice and with the holiday in the middle the order from Photographers Formulary is right at a week late) I can try to develop some Acros. I'm waiting for my rollo pyro to show up so I can develop a couple of Acros sheets and compare them to the Delta 100 negs that I took from the same spot, with the same settings.

1-Jan-2014, 19:11
Awesome! - be sure to post some photos on our FB page!

Michael Lloyd
1-Jan-2014, 19:21
Awesome! - be sure to post some photos on our FB page!

Hey! That's where I got the Expert Drum from! Thanks a bunch. Everything came packed great and as described!