View Full Version : metering for paper negatives

Kris Bochenek
30-Dec-2013, 21:51
I wonder how to meter for paper negatives. I found a large thread about paper negatives here on LF but I fell asleep mid way. Do you meter for those or do you just guess the exposure?

Doremus Scudder
31-Dec-2013, 05:35
Wake up and read more, here and on APUG, where there is an entire sub-forum dedicated to paper negatives. There's a lot of information and you'll just have to wade through it if you're really interested.

In short, however, you need to determine the speed of the paper you are using and set your meter for that. Then you have to compensate for whatever reciprocity failure is involved with long exposure times (since paper is usually really slow compared to film). If you don't know about that, there's a lot to read about it as well.

All you need to know is there, you just need the patience and the caffeine to find it :)


31-Dec-2013, 07:36
set the asa dial on your meter to the paper's asa.

31-Dec-2013, 09:35
Very short version: light meter set for ASA 5 and make some test shots.

Still awake? ;)

Jim Noel
31-Dec-2013, 09:50
Film ASA and paper ratings are not the same scale. Begin by testing some shots with the meter set at ASA 3 and 6. Chances are good that one of them is correct.