View Full Version : Linhof Master Technika 4x5 Camera Repairing Questions

30-Dec-2013, 14:16

I bought an used Linhof master class 4x5 camera for sell, but some parts were broken. I need some help. Thank you!

1. Two teeth of gear behind front plate lift lever were missing. I'm not sure how to take this broken gear out. Please help me.

2. Two front plate plastic tracks were broken.

Please give me some advises where I can find these three broken parts. Thank you!

Bob Salomon
30-Dec-2013, 14:22
Linhof service centers can help you. Just contact one.

Darin Boville
30-Dec-2013, 15:59
Funny, this just came up in another thread. I had mine replaced for around $200 via official service center. They strip if you are not careful--I suspect the up/down indicators confuse some people.


Vick Ko
1-Jan-2014, 19:30
I had the front gear with two broken teeth.
To remove the gear, you use a pin spanner to remove the cover plate, and then the rest of the disassembly for the gear is obvious.
You must buy the replacement gear from Linhof.

As for the track, you must also buy that from Linhof.

Good luck

1-Jan-2014, 19:34
if this gear is that expensive, and that fragile we should make them. my day job now is watchmaking and gears are not that complicated or hard to cut today. anyone has extra gear?