View Full Version : Sinar View - focus - rear standard - does not lock?

2-Sep-2004, 12:50
I am visiting a friend and using his Sinar Alpina. He does not use it very often and seems not concerned that focus has no lock. Once I have the object in focus I want to lock all the movables (word?). Am I not understanding something?


Walter Glover
2-Sep-2004, 16:30
Sinar uses self-arresting drives for geared actions and friction locks for non-geared actions.

Jerry Flynn
3-Sep-2004, 08:24
As Walter indicated, Sinars rely on the gear ratio on the focus to act as the lock. I have used various Sinar models for 20 years and have not had a problem with the focus shifting while inserting a film holder etc. I suppose it could happen ,though, and then it would be time to get the camera into the shop for some tightening/adjusting.

I have not used the Alpina, but have used the A1, which was very similar. On the A1 model you do have to lock the sliding focus track.