View Full Version : Wollensak Raptar Copy Lens 209mm f/4.5 - 8X10 macro

Edward (Halifax,NS)
2-Sep-2004, 11:03
I have an opportinity to pick up this lens at a good price and I was hoping it would be suitable for general purpose 4X5 landscapes and possibly 8X10 1:2 => 1:1 work in the future. Does anyone know if the Image circle is large enough and how this lens performs at the different magnification ratios?

Ernest Purdum
2-Sep-2004, 18:04
I would be inclined to check to see how far down the diaphragm stops. If the range is restricted, only going down to f16 or so, this may be a lens originally intended for a Xerox machine. To what extent these were designed for the near monochromatic light of these machines only the original buyer and the designer know. Further, 8" X 10" coverage for an older 209mm f4.5 lens at infinity seems unlikely. I am guessing that that may be the rating at 1:1 reproduction ratio.

Most f4.5 lenses are not very tolerant of variations in magnification ratio,

Turner Reich
14-Mar-2007, 18:34
As a new update I have the Wollensak Raptar and found a mounting flange in my drawer that fit it. Upon inspection I found that the mounting flange, a ring with no screw holes, threads on the element side with the writing on it. This might be ok but the aperture ring would be mounted behind the lens board.

Maybe Ole knows which side goes out, or faces out. If it's a Tessor design could it be mounted eight facing in or out? or is it designed to be a copy machine lens?

Ernest Purdum
15-Mar-2007, 19:53
How far down does the aperture go? If it is a copy machine lens the chances are very high that the iris movement will go only to f16 or so.

Tessars, and many other f4.5 lenses, are very asymmetrical which you can see by looking at reflections of a small light from both ends of the lens.

Since you have it, maybe the thing to do is to try it unless there are severe compatibility problems between the lens and your camera. If the lens is highly asymmetrical, try it both ways and at very different imge/subject ratios if possible.

Turner Reich
15-Mar-2007, 20:29
It goes down to f45 that's f4.5 to f45. I'll just have to try it out.

CP Goerz
15-Mar-2007, 22:58
It will cover.

CP Goerz.

Turner Reich
15-Mar-2007, 23:39
Thanks 77