View Full Version : Meyer & Gorlitz Primotar 1:3.5 F=21cm

28-Dec-2013, 10:27

After my grandmother passed this spring, we have been emptying her house. My grandfather (born 1919) and his mother both were Photographers. I found this old lens, which I can find almost no information about. Hopefully someone here knows something.

Hugo Meyer & Co Görlitz Nr.645630 Primotar 1:3.5 F=21cm

Large and chunky, the rings still turns with ease, and There is no fogging or fungus.



Ian Greenhalgh
28-Dec-2013, 12:03
It's a 4 elements in 3 groups tessar type. The serial number suggests it was made in 1937 or 1938.

Louis Pacilla
28-Dec-2013, 12:31
It is Hugo Meyers Gorlitz copy of a f3.5 Tessar. Primotar was Meyers trade name for their Tessar lenses. I have a 24cm f4.5 Primotar in a nice Compound shutter. The lens is not rare but maybe a bit uncommon & not very valuable but does have some value.

27-May-2014, 05:24
Hello! Sorry for the bump. What would be a fair price to ask if one was to sell it?

Miguel Coquis
27-May-2014, 10:45
There was a "Kamera" ATELIER Reflex PRIMAR 9x12cm equipped with that lens, set was sold for a little more than 100€, if that can help.
Camera and lens where mint.
Good luck with your sale.