View Full Version : Devtec TC-750 Temperature Controller

27-Dec-2013, 10:37
Does anyone know anything about the Devtec TC-750 Temperature controller. I have one in my possession and not sure how to set the temperature. There is a knob but it does not have click stops or any markings to know how much to adjust it. Thanks for any suggestions.

Peter De Smidt
27-Dec-2013, 11:20
I have one somewhere. From memory, that's the temp knob. You have to use a thermometer in the water bath to see the temp.

With any electrical device and water, make sure to plug it into a gfci outlet, especially if you're going to put your hands in the solution. My Devtec leaked voltage into the water bath, and so I stopped using it. That was probably a flaw with my sample.

Drew Wiley
27-Dec-2013, 15:00
It was basically just an aquarium-style immersion heater, with a little adjustment screw. Nothing capable of being programmed. You just put it in the water bath, see
what happens, and appropriately adjust it up or down until you SLOWLY got the right result. After that, it seemed fairly reliable, that is, if you started out with water
fairly close in temp to begin with, the ambient air temp wasn't grossly more, and you could work within about plus/minus three-deg F tolerances. Man, was that a long time ago. But I still use their drums for simple strip tests.

Fred L
30-Dec-2013, 20:24
I believe they had a minimum temp of around 80 or 100f ? I have two and there should be an instruction sheet in one of the boxes. Will dig it out next few days if you're not in any rush. I know some people who would set the temp and hot glue the knob down at that particular temp setting.