View Full Version : Web host question

27-Dec-2013, 07:30
I'm looking into moving my site to Smugmug. Does anyone have experience with them? Thanks !

6-Feb-2014, 00:57
I also use smugmug, and have been for almost 5 years. Their service is really good and you get unlimited uploads/storage, for the price they are pretty good.

6-Feb-2014, 21:47
Try Sitewelder great service . I am new with them but kirk gittings has used them for years . set up has been easy as pie . My site is still being finished , I am setting prices and uploading photos to it still but if you want to take a look go to hardscrabblephoto.com.

9-Feb-2014, 08:22
godady is good, my web site www.butikdugunalbum.com is there.

Big Fish
11-Feb-2014, 22:43
I've been with Sitewelder for over 3 years. Great for photographers, artist, graphic artists. You can change formats and all sorts of stuff. Great friendly and helpful people...and good prices and easy to self manage.

19-Feb-2014, 01:08
I use hosting http://tarhely.eu, very convenient, quick access to photos, lots of options and tools for processing photos.