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Dave Moeller
1-Sep-2004, 19:22
I wanted to toss a quick note of praise out for Shen-Hao.

I purchased a Shen-Hao 4x5 a little over a year ago. The camera's been great, and I've never wanted for movements.

A few months ago I did notice a small crack in one of the springs on the back of the camera. Looking at it, it appeared to me to be a defect in the metal as opposed to a defect in the manufacturing of the camera. (The crack started in the middle of the metal, not at the edge or at a screw hole.) I figured that if I treated the camera gently I could get away with using it for a while.

Unfortunately, it worked well enough that I completely forgot about it. Two weeks ago as I was (luckily) finishing up for the day, and as I pulled my last film holder out of the camera I was greeted with the sound of a piece of metal hittnig the ground. The spring had split in two.

I contacted a couple of retailers who handle Shen-Hao as well as writing directly to the company through their web site. None of the retailers had a quick answer for me (apparently part problems are rare enough that nobody stocks parts), but the next day I heard back directly from the manufacturer. Nine days later I had a new set of springs in my hands, free of charge. The package had been sent the day after I'd emailed them; allowing for the time zone difference they apparently mailed the parts upon receiving my email.

No point to this other than praise for the manufacturer for backing their product and being very responsive to a customer.

Richard Årlin
2-Sep-2004, 03:55
I just want to join the praise of the Shen. I had a HZX810ATII for just about 9 months now. I also have a SV45TE Ebony. While clearly not the quality of the Ebony it is everything I expected and hoped for reading all threads regarding the camera before deciding. I have personally never had a reason for contacting the manufacturer but it is very nice to know that I could if need be

Johannes Becker
2-Sep-2004, 13:20
I can only join the general praise of the Shen Hao. I have my HZX 45 IIA camera now for over a year and I am very pleased with finishing and performance (I use it much more than my Cambo Legend II). I haven't used any of the high price field cameras outside a shop, but the Shen Hao finishing (including the lensboards) is very pleseant. The one little detail I don't like is the locking lever for back shift & swings: It sticks out when locked so I have to loosen it every time I put the camera away. But maybe I just missed how to operate it correctly.

Actually one of the springs holding the back broke on my camera as well. It just departed wiht a loud snap in moderately cold weather (above zero Celsius). Apparently we had springs from the same batch. But Jeff at Badger Graphics send a replacement within a couple of days. So great service for a budget priced camera.

Dave Moeller
2-Sep-2004, 15:38

The locking lever for your back shifts and swings is working properly. It does stick out when locked, and it is in the unlocked position when the camera is stored away. A little goofy, but for me a small price to pay for an inexpensive camera that's so flexible.

Richard Årlin
3-Sep-2004, 03:41
Locking lever sticks out on an Ebony too when locked, I guess it is the most practical way to have it since it lets you tighten it more easily, not to speak of untightening it. You would probably need a tool to get a hold otherwise. The levers on the Shen, especially the two for rear swing reaches a stopping nut before they get a firm hold so I replaced the washers with slightly thicker ones to fix it. By the way on my 8x10 there are two tripod nuts fastened with 3 tiny screws thru the titanium baseplate. The front nut intrudes on the inside of te plate. I removed that and made a duraluminum lettered disk with a 3/8 in thread and a small rim to fit exactly into the hole wich let me fold the camera when I remove it with any two of my lenses and eventually a 450mm Fuji c as well.

Roger Richards
4-Sep-2004, 18:04
Richard, I recently wrote to Mr Zheng (?) about the Shen Hao 8x10 and am interested in any more comments you might have on the quality of that camera. I am trying to decide on an 8x10 without breaking the bank. Thanks.