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25-Dec-2013, 20:49
I often wondered what the difference is between Euryscope/aplanat/rapide rectilinear. I the aplanat is the European name for the RR, but what about the Euryscope? It came out about the same time as the RR/Hemispherique/aplanat, but is it the same lens? And then there's the "symmetrical"! I have a very small sized RR by E&HT Anthony that covers 4x5, but it seems very small compared to the RR lenses of the 1870s. What's up with that?

Louis Pacilla
25-Dec-2013, 22:21
Euryscope is the trade name used by Voigtlander for their different types/series of rectilinear lenses. All the lenses your mentioning are Varying speed/coverage types of rectilinear/aplanat lenses

Andrew Plume
26-Dec-2013, 03:40
other manufacturers also used the name 'Euryscope'

Perken, Son & Rayment, in particular badged their lenses as the 'Rapid Euryscope'


26-Dec-2013, 07:09
That's what I was thinking, when I looked at the lens diagrams. What about "symmetrical"--same thing? And, how did the regular sized RR lenses made c.1870s become the tiny RR lenses of the 1890s?

Andrew Plume
26-Dec-2013, 07:42

probably because wider angle lenses were then being manufactured and these had smaller apertures