View Full Version : running a job in one direction

24-Dec-2013, 18:35
I have a refurbished jobo CPP2 that I want to use with a 3005 drum. I noticed when it reverses it will jump a few teeth on the cog unless I put pressure on one side of the lift. How much will it affect E6/C41 development to run it in one direction only?

24-Dec-2013, 20:45
It'll be just fine. I do it all the time with expert drums.

Greg Blank
25-Dec-2013, 09:08
It will be fine until that causes it to stop running.

Jim C.
25-Dec-2013, 09:45
Is the rollers that support the drum in the correct position ( without the arms ) ?

Are there any worn teeth on the drum cog or drive gear and motor gear teeth ?
They could be worn in the direction that's causing the skip. The drum cog and spring clip on the
lift might be worn.

You didn't say where the skip happens, at the motor gear to drive gear
( white gears at on the lift ) or at the drive gear and the cog ?

25-Dec-2013, 15:19
It appears to skip on the drive gear to the lift not the gear to the cog on the drum. The gears look new but the drive gear kind of wobbles. I think I do have the arms on the rollers. I will try the rollers alone. I will post a video if it still skips.

25-Dec-2013, 18:57
With the correct rollers even on lowest speed it occasionally skips. Much worse on 4. Here is a link to a video that shows one skip. JoboSkip (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByoeGpIv4RNUbmdOUFZFcGswS28/edit?usp=sharing)

Jim C.
25-Dec-2013, 20:36
With all the compression artifacts it's hard to tell if the lift is moving, which it looks like it's doing and more
than it should. I'm at my studio building a rolling base for my Elwood when I get home I'll take a look at my
lift with a tank running.

If I recall correctly the drive gear is held on with a screw , never took mine apart ( yet ) but the
the screw might be loose ?

Erik Larsen
25-Dec-2013, 20:55
I have a cpe2+ that does the same thing when I use >1000ml's. Not an expert drum, but the same problem. If I push the lift firmly against the motor housing it won't skip. I live with it now. I took the lift off and discovered that the bracket that attaches the lift to the base is cracked and flexes. I'm not sure if that is the culprit or not, but you might inspect that part.

Jim C.
25-Dec-2013, 23:23
I checked my lift with a 3005 drum and a 3063 drum, and it doesn't move compared to your posted video,
Erik may be on to something, you might have a crack somewhere in your lift.