View Full Version : 8x10 tmy2 discount

22-Dec-2013, 20:14
It's $65.95 a box at B&H right now, $19 off!

2011 prices to replace the 2011 Canham film I just took out of the freezer to refill my film holders with.

Andrew O'Neill
22-Dec-2013, 21:41
Too bad my budget for this month is blown (Christmas). I wish Kodak-Alaris (is that what we call them now?) would at least go to 20 sheet boxes. All that packaging for just 10 sheets seems wasteful.

Michael Kadillak
23-Dec-2013, 08:40
Thanks for the information. I will check it out.

William Whitaker
24-Dec-2013, 16:21
Ordered some today. 10-sht boxes seem a little foolish, but that's better than no TMY at all.

26-Dec-2013, 00:06
Damn, was in NYC and B&H was closed, wish I had brought some with me to Germany! Unfortunately, shipping and taxes don't make it very attractive...

26-Dec-2013, 12:49
Sure is a lot more expensive than Ilford Delta 100.

30-Dec-2014, 04:02
I would finally like to order TMY2 - what is currently the best offer? For me it would be 100$ in Germany right now?

30-Dec-2014, 04:54
I believe it was discontinued in 8x10 format (I could be wrong though)

30-Dec-2014, 06:58
I believe it was discontinued in 8x10 format (I could be wrong though)
It hasn't been a regular item for a few years. B&H, Canham, etc have been making the minimum order requirements. http://www.canhamcameras.com/kodakfilm.html

30-Dec-2014, 07:11
Revived old thread! I was extremely excited for about 30 seconds! :(