View Full Version : 3063 print processing, developer amount ?

Jim C.
19-Dec-2013, 16:22
Going to give it whirl ( no pun intended ) developing a 20 X 24 print in a 3063 Expert Drum,
most of the posts I searched here is more on developing film in a 3063 than photo papers.
The min amount of chem that is stated on the drum is 300 ml, is that really enough for a 20 x 24 in sheet ?
I'd rather not scrap a $10 sheet of Ilford Multigrade because I didn't have enough developer in
the tank, I'd be interested in any experiences and advice.

Larry Gebhardt
19-Dec-2013, 20:01
If it's all level 300mm will work. I do RA4 using that amount in the 3063 drum. But I would use more for black and white since I presume you aren't going to toss the chemistry afterwards.

Jim C.
20-Dec-2013, 08:01
I was going to toss the developer after processing, Dektol at a 1:2 dilution is supposed
to develop 100 sheets of 8x10 paper per gallon, a 20 X24 paper is equal to 6 sheets
of 8x10 paper, so 300ml ( to be on the safe side I'm planning on using 400ml ) should
do about two 20x24 sheets.

Larry Gebhardt
20-Dec-2013, 13:25
I'm used to using Ansco 130 replenished, so in the case of Dektol it might just be best to toss it if you won't use it up in a day anyway. Or use 600ml at a time and return it to a larger jug. Then get another 600ml from the jug for the next print. That would extend the number of prints from a volume of developer and ensure full coverage in case the drum isn't fully level. It would also give you almost as consistent of results as doing the equivalent number of prints in a tray.

20-Dec-2013, 20:45
beware oxidation while drum processing. I've not tried it with dektol but I get much shorter life from multigrade in drums than trays; additional volume in the drum doesn't help with life because it's not being killed by the paper but by the air and agitation. I dump mine after 2 shots, 3 at the absolute most.

Edit: I guess if you put so much developer in there as to mostly exclude the air it might not be a problem but that's an insane amount of developer in a 3063 ;)

Edit 2: RA4 doesn't seem to care.

Even single-shot, I use less developer in a session than I would with trays.

Jim C.
21-Dec-2013, 08:41
Never thought of the oxidation factor with rotary processing, Dektol does oxidize pretty quick.
1:2 dilution and a gallon of stock solution is pretty cheap, so dumping after a one sheet of 20x24 doesn't
bother me. My stock solution usually goes bad before I can even use it all up.

The 3063 tank holds al least 2.5 gal of water when I tested it for leaks, my CPA2 motor would probably fry itself
pretty quick with that amount, and that would be an awful waste with developer.

21-Dec-2013, 09:04
I use all chemistry one shot when rotary processing RA4 or C41 - except for the C-41 bleach which I'll reuse once (bleach likes aeration) and the stabilizer which I do off processor and to capacity. The minimum amounts published on Jobo tubes that correspond with the Kodak recommendations are accurate as long as that minimum corresponds to the minimum required by the chemistry. Developer and fix are cheap, why take a chance.