View Full Version : Coverage of Wray Lustrar?

16-Dec-2013, 12:16
I've won a Kodak Specialist 2 half plate at a local auction and should pick it up this week. It has a 135mm f4.8 Wray Lustrar instead of the 203mm Ektar that I think was standard. I don't suppose there's any way the Lustrar covers half plate or 5x7? The camera also comes with a repeating back for shooting two quarter plate images on a half plate sheet. I'm guessing the Lustrar was used for that smaller format. Does anyone know the Lustrar's coverage?

Ian Greenhalgh
16-Dec-2013, 12:26
That lens covers quarter plate, might cover 4x5 at a pinch but I doubt it will cover half plate, I think you need a 6 inch Lustrar for half plate and a 7 inch one for 5x7.

I like Wray lenses, I have 3.25, 6, 7 and 8inch HR Lustrars, 12inch APO-Lustrar, 7inch Wide Angle and 3.25, 4.5 and 7 inch Supars, all good lenses, the HR Lustrars are particularly good, critically sharp from f8.

If this 4.8/135 is no good to you, I'd be interested in it.

16-Dec-2013, 13:29
Hi Ian,

The shutter on the Lustrar was sticky when I tried it at the auction so I'm not expecting too much from it. However, I'd be interested in some sort of trade for something that covers half plate/5x7.

Ian Greenhalgh
16-Dec-2013, 14:10
I have a few things that might suit, I'll have to dig in my cupboard and see. What sort of shutter is the Lustrar in, an old rimset Compur?

16-Dec-2013, 16:32
Can't remember what the shutter is, I'm afraid. I'm hoping to collect the camera tomorrow (I won it with an emailed bid) and I'll get back to you.

16-Dec-2013, 17:33

I have a 10" HR Lustrar that would fill that gaping hole in the middle of your collection. Alas, it has some separation in the rear cell. I've always meant to reglue it, but given the higher standards for the HR series, I've not done it yet.


17-Dec-2013, 06:02

Here it is Ian. A Synchro-Compur P. The formerly sticky speeds are all working now. They just needed a bit of exercise. The 1s is firing at about 1.7s and the 1/2s at 9/10s. They might improve further with some more use. The glass is a little mucky but it looks scratch free and quite clear. I'm going to give it a gentle cleaning and think it will come up very nice.

Ian Greenhalgh
17-Dec-2013, 08:54
Cheers Ektar, that looks like it will clean up nicely. I will have to get digging and see what I have for 5x7. I don't mind if it runs slow, that can be worked around and as you say, they usually get a bit better with use.

Hi Charley, that sounds interesting, drop me a PM if you like and we can work something out.

17-Dec-2013, 17:27
The Lustrar's shutter is sounding very good now. All speeds are working fine and slow ones seem quite accurate. The glass cleaned up nicely. Outer surfaces look very nice although there's a thin haze on one of the inner rear elements.