View Full Version : Ilford Warmtone reformulated?

16-Dec-2013, 08:54
Problems -

Just got a box of Ilford WT fiber. It is behaving strangely. First of all I have been getting edge toning. Edge toning is a yellowing at the edge of the print that rarely goes beyond 5-10mm. I had the problem before with Oriental WT before it was reformulated. In fact, at their request I tested Oriental VC paper with different developers, stops, fixers, and different additives, etc. Old developer makes the problem worse, but fresh developer doesn't eliminate it. The only way to control it is to add benzotriazole to the developer, though that roughly doubles development time. The other problem is that the new Ilford WT paper curls worse than any other I have tried. I have used dozens of boxes of Ilford WT and it usually dries with only minor curl. Not this box.

Anyone know if Ilford has switched formulations and/or paper stock for WT fiber?

Anyone else experiencing this with a fresh box of Ilford WT fiber?

Drew Wiley
16-Dec-2013, 09:35
Nope. Contact them with the batch number.

evan clarke
16-Dec-2013, 10:17
Is there a date on the box? It can get funny when it gets old.

Greg Davis
16-Dec-2013, 11:49
I had some that did that recently, but only with amidol developer.

Erik Larsen
16-Dec-2013, 13:06
I've had the same happen before and I believe I tracked it down to contaminated tongs or gloves used during processing. It did not appear until the toning stage If I recall. I cleaned everything and reprinted and all was well. It kind of ticked me off as it was an edition of 20 prints that were difficult to print the same and I had to start over:(

16-Dec-2013, 13:53
I use to use tongs but after working with Bob Carnie I switched to using disposable food handlers gloves. Very inexpensive (I pay <$5 for a box of several hundred at Smart & Final) and discard after each print. They're easy on the print and makes processing a breeze without getting the chemistry on your skin.


16-Dec-2013, 14:58
Contaminated tongs and gloves cause marks, not yellowing along the entire perimeter of the paper. I always use disposal gloves - nitrile.

Greg Davis
16-Dec-2013, 15:20
Agreed. I thought it may come from over agitation along the edges since it was along the entire edge, but even in a larger tray I still got it. Other developers did not produce this though, even with the same box of paper.

bob carnie
16-Dec-2013, 15:55
Did the yellowing look consistant on one edge, I assume you are talking cut sheet.
I have noticed recently on roll paper a yellowing on the outside of both ends and it is perplexing me.
This was not Ilford warmtone , but an Ilford product.

Greg Davis
16-Dec-2013, 16:25
No, so I suspect in my case it may be the bottom two edges from which the developer drained off the prints before placing them into the stop bath.

16-Dec-2013, 18:16
Yellowing on all four edges. I suspect Ilford changed something.