View Full Version : Hi from UK

16-Dec-2013, 03:41
hey guys n girls
Been looking around on and off for a while and thought id finally join and take part.
Gradually learning bits and bob, and brother is teaching me a few things.
Need to broaden my camera knowledge and use, looking forward to getting more in the know. :)

Alan Gales
20-Dec-2013, 20:44
Hello and welcome to the forum. You can learn a lot here. I know that I certainly have.

21-Dec-2013, 12:36
Welcome hello and howdy.

21-Dec-2013, 12:55
Welcome from a US Minnesotan who was once an Oxford, England, resident.
Begin at the home page for some outstanding information - if you like.

28-Dec-2013, 15:35
greetings from one newbie to another

30-Dec-2013, 08:40
Where in the UK are you,?

dave clayton
30-Dec-2013, 12:08
hello from south wales