View Full Version : Question about 240mm Kowa Graphic

28-Aug-2004, 14:46
Can anyone tell me how to remove the lens hood on a 240mm Kowa Graphic lens in barrel. Someone sent me this lens to compare coverage with my 240mm Computar but the lens hood vignettes the image, making the comparison impossible, and I can not figure how to get it off. Since the lens belongs to someone else I am nervous about applying to much pressure but I did turn the hood fairly hard thinking it would unscrew from the mount but nothing happened.

Thanks in advance for any advice on how to remove the hood without damaging the lens.

Steve Hamley
28-Aug-2004, 15:21

Try warming it a little. It's worked for me many times.


Jim Rice
28-Aug-2004, 17:20
Seems like you would need to cool the hood, warm the lens. Like bottle caps.

Pete Caluori
29-Aug-2004, 20:54
Hi Sandy,

Mine simply unscrewed. If yours is stuck, you might want to try a little heat as has been suggested, but obviously not too much and be careful.

Regards, Pete

30-Aug-2004, 15:12
You might want to try one of those rubber cone thingy's that you open glass jars with. I used this underneath to grip and protect the barrel with a metal 2 piece jar opener on a barrel lens with the front element jammed and it worked great. Just a little more torque was needed. Should work on a metal lens shade no problem. BTW is the coverage the same as the computar?

Michael Kadillak
31-Aug-2004, 10:25
How about a drop or two of penetrating oil on the outside of the threads?

I had a couple of situations where applying heat was not an option and after leaving the oil do its thing for 10-15 minutes, the metalic surfaces that may have been galled may come apart. Just another option.


Bob Eskridge
31-Aug-2004, 13:40
Sometimes just gripping the hood from the sides deflects it enough to bind. You may want to try putting a piece of thin rubber (such as used for unscrewing jar lids) over the hood and pressing down with the palm of your hand trying to unscrew it.

Another way is to grab the rim of the hood at one spot with your fingers and attempting to unscrew it with a twist.

The lens hoods that come on some of the currently manufactured Voigtlander lenses being made for Leica cameras can only be removed using the above methods. Otherwise they bind as if they were glued to the lens.