View Full Version : How do I unframe a print?

28-Aug-2004, 09:49
I framed a few of my prints myself, attaching them to the back of window mats, across the top, with Lineco Archival Framing/Hinging Gummed Paper Tape. Does anyone know the proper procedure for removing this tape? My assumption is that I can just rewet it with a wet sponge, and it should come loose. But I'd like to know for sure before proceeding...


David A. Goldfarb
28-Aug-2004, 10:23
Dampen it from the non-adhesive side and let it sit for a bit, and the tape should come loose.

Bruce Watson
28-Aug-2004, 13:45
I use an Xacto knife and slice it loose. It's difficult if not impossible to remove the residue from the tape, so I just leave the tape in place. If you remount the print, two layers of tape aren't going to hurt anything. If you demount it yet again, it's much easier to get the tape off the tape than it is to get the tape of the print. Clearly, YMMV though.