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13-Dec-2013, 03:29
Leica Elmaron-P 4/250mm projection lens

There are a few of these for sale these days...

They seem pretty cheap for a 250mm f4 lens... even with out an aperture, they might be great for portraits.
Anybody tried them?

Ian Greenhalgh
13-Dec-2013, 03:46
What's the image circle? I doubt it's very big. The 2.8/150 Elmaron would project 6x6 and 6x7 slides, not sure what the actual image circles of these things are though. External diameter of the tube is 46mm, will need some creativity to mount in front of a shutter.

13-Dec-2013, 06:15
Hi Ian,
where did you get the dimensions of the lens? I've searched, but must be in the wrong "google zen".
I have a Leica Hector-P, 2.5/150 - it's rear tube is 57mm in diameter. It doesn't cover 8x10 - here is a sample:
I'm hoping the Elmaron-P 4/250 will cover 8x10.

Ian Greenhalgh
13-Dec-2013, 07:20
I might be wrong, it might be 57mm like your Hektor. I was just assuming it was 46mm because that's what my Pradovit projector uses and the Colorplan 2.5/90, Elmaron 2.8/150 and the Hektor something I have are.

Good to know the Hektor 2.5/150 has quite a large coverage, would work well on 5x7 it looks. Should make a good portrait lens.

13-Dec-2013, 10:25
I have a Hektor 200/2.5 that I can confirm (by holding it as flush as I could to the front of my camera, I can't mount it to my camera) does cover 4x5, and probably larger if the 150/2.5 almost covers 8x10. Someone on one of the LF Facebook groups posted an image of the 200/2.5 on a universal clamp in front of a Sinar shutter that they have used, successfully, to take portraits. He mentioned that the 200/2.5 wouldn't fit on a Speed Graphic. I imagine the 200/2.5's might be a bit more expensive on ebay, I got mine out of the trash (attached to the huge Pradovit "one slide at a time" projector) about 25 years ago, but they shouldn't be prohibitively expensive.

4-Jan-2014, 04:24
I went ahead and bought a cheap Leica Elmaron-P 250mm lens - At portrait distance it does not cover 8x10, but it does cover 4x5 easily.
Here is a quick shot I took with the lens on a Graflex Pre-Anniversary 4x5 (wide open -of course f/4).


Ian Greenhalgh
4-Jan-2014, 09:33
Beautiful picture! What is the lens, a Beck Symmetrical?

5-Jan-2014, 00:28
Beautiful picture! What is the lens, a Beck Symmetrical?

Wow! good Call - are you familiar with it? I've only had it for a week.

27-Feb-2014, 12:06
Did anyone compared Elmaron / Elmarit (-P) lenses with Hektor shooting them ones side by side maybe? Are they or similar construction or not? Is Hektor maybe a Petzval design?