View Full Version : Folmer 12x20 Back

Mike Cockerham
27-Aug-2004, 06:42
My F&S 12x20 back seems to not be as tight as before when inserting a film holder. Can the two springs that hold the film holder in place be replaced?


John Kasaian
27-Aug-2004, 08:03

If have new springs, why not? If you can't find new springs.....?

Your 12x20 F&S is a valuable camera. My fisrt choice would be to send it to a repairman who I trust. If thats not an option, I'd try to "sister" an additional, stiffer generic spring to the existing springs top and bottom. Sort of like "helper" springs on my Uncle Albert's '52 GMC. My 2-cents.

27-Aug-2004, 10:09
Try taking then off and reforming then. They should be formed in a nice ark.

27-Aug-2004, 12:16
OT, I like Wisner's new ULF design with a ground glass that slides out of a slot that the holder slides into. Solves spring-weakness problem, as well as jar-camera-inserting-holder problem...

John Kasaian
27-Aug-2004, 15:44

If you want to reform your original springs you might consult a gunsmith(a real one, not a parts replacer) who can possibly retemper your springs.

Ernest Purdum
27-Aug-2004, 16:01
John, you beat me to it and had a better comment, too. I was just going to say a heat treatment company, but gunsmith of the real variety is probably better. I strongly second your advice. He could refinish them, too, if a nice blue would be to Mike's liking. I suppose the original finish was probably gilding.

Mike Cockerham
27-Aug-2004, 20:02
Thanks for all of the help. I think I will try to reform them, they are brass finish. My wifes grandfarther is a gunsmith, the real thing, I'll see if he wants to come out of retirement to help.