View Full Version : Any info on this lens? Wollensak Raptar 90mm f/4.5 Alphax shutter (not enlarging)

11-Dec-2013, 22:08
I came across this lens in a bulk lot, and I can find almost nothing about it.

Wollensak Raptar 90mm f/4.5

This is not the Enlarging Raptar of the same specs, but rather appears to be a 4x5 LF lens.

I know that there was a similarly-specced Wollensak labelled "Velostigmat" (also seen in Leica m39 rangefinder mount) that may be the same lens, but I can find nothing on anything with this specific label.

So do I have a rarity on my hands?


Steven Tribe
12-Dec-2013, 06:11
Cameraeccentric has many Wollensak catalogues.
Not 4x5".
For the baby Graflex, I think.

Ian Greenhalgh
12-Dec-2013, 06:33
For 2.25x3.25" I think. 4 elements in 3 groups Tessar type so should cover about 45 degrees.

There was an f6.8 90mm Raptar that covered 4x5" with no movements and an f12.5 90mm Raptar that probably had a bit more coverage.

It has been conjectured that Enlarging Raptars and 'normal' Series II Raptars like you have are the same, just different labelling, you can read about Enlarging Raptars here:


And about Series II Raptars here:


12-Dec-2013, 07:50
Thanks for the info, guys!

It makes sense that it would be a 2x3 given the rather petite size of the lens/shutter combo.