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dileep prakash
25-Jul-1999, 14:56
How good is the 90mm Schneider Keruznach Angulon f6.8? Is it advisable to use it on a 4x5? What are the limitations of the lens?


sheldon hambrick
25-Jul-1999, 22:57
http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/lenses-wide.html http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/lenses-general.html

james mickelson
30-Jul-1999, 04:12
The 90/f6.8 is a very good lens. It was the industry standard for a long time. Being a 90mm lens you have to be careful when focussing. Be sure to look at the corners carefully. All the way to the corners. They have a good color rendition too. All in all a very good lens. moderate image circle too. James

Bob Salomon
30-Jul-1999, 14:39
Compared to what? A modern optic?

If so then the 6.8 has lower resolution, contrast and less contrast. It is single coated and highly susceptable to flare and was rated bu Schneider to cover only 9x12 cm not the larger 4x5". A modern 90mm usually covers 5x7"

If compared to other old designs it is a good lens. Comapered to current or later designs it is a fair performer.

Of course if people who have not compared them directly to later designs using the same subject, film, processing, etc. in a direct head to head test answer they will tell you how good the old lens is as they have not really looked to see how poor it is compared to other lenses.

james mickelson
31-Jul-1999, 05:04
I have a middle vintage Sch 90/6.8 Angulon sc and a very modern Sch 90/8 SA mc and both are excellent optics. The 90/6.8 covers 4x5 with a modest amount of movements allowed while the 90/8 covers 5x7 easily. The 90/6.8 design was the standard WA for 4x5 and has no flare problems when properly shielded from stray light just as any lens needs to be. And the cost of the 90/6.8 is a very good deal especially when just getting into the LF playground. The resolution of the 90/6.8 is very good considering when these lenses were designed(precomputer control era), with a good color palette. In my not so humble opinion they are a very good buy. Sure, everyone would like a 90/4.5 but few have that kind of cash to waste on just one optic. If you're shooting product and making good money go for the great modern optic, but if you're constrained by cashflow and family/girlfriend, cats, or other baggage then the good ol' standby optics will be more than adequate for your needs. James