View Full Version : 11x14 film holders and film flatness

ronald lamarsh
26-Aug-2004, 09:43
do manufacturers of 11x14 film holders design them with extra engineering to maitain film flatness, due to the large film area and the increased possibility of sag or is these much ado about nothing?

David A. Goldfarb
26-Aug-2004, 11:38
I have S&S and Hoffman holders for 11x14", and they seem pretty much like other holders, but the margin is a little larger for extra support.

John D Gerndt
26-Aug-2004, 20:11
Not that I use 11 x 14 holders but I have done some research on the issue of film flatness. What causes the most disturbing deviation is changes in temperature and humidity. You need to let the holders acclimate to the conditions of the shoot.

I built my own holders (12x20) with a wedge to pull the film taught from opposite ends but pay careful attention to the conditions of storage and use. Ironically, I am finding More trouble in keeping the sharp negatives flat against the AZO to do my printing!


CP Goerz
27-Aug-2004, 17:15
Take a 2" length of double sided tape and pop it in the center of the septum, when you load the film tap the film with the back of your knuckles to make it stick. I've found this stops all kind of film nonsence before it starts.

CP Goerz.