View Full Version : Canham DLC user - Please HELP!

Wisawa S.
26-Aug-2004, 07:32
I just purchased a new DLC45 and found that I can move lens board slightly (by 0.3 mm. or so) when locked down on the front standard. I use original Canham boards - not Toyo. I'm a bit nervous though I think that it'll not affect the pictures.

Is it normal? Is my camera defective? DLC users, please help. I have 2 days left for returning this camera to Badger Graphic. I also e-mailed Jeff but still not get a reply.

Wisawa S.
26-Aug-2004, 07:40
I forgot to tell you that the movement is in lateral direction, left-right and up-down NOT in front-back direction. It never occur to my Arca-Swiss 4x5 Field.

David Mark
26-Aug-2004, 08:02
Hi Wisawa,

I have a Canham DLC 45 and three Canham lens boards. Unfortunately I am at work and my camera is at home, so I cannot check this for you, but my recollection is that all three lens boards fit pretty tightly into the front standard lens board mount. However, I have never actually tried to slide the lens board around once it is mounted.

As I understand your description of the problem, I cannot imagine how the small amount of lateral play could possibly affect your picture taking. There would not be any light leaks or lens alignment problems.

If your English is up to it, call Keith Canham in Arizona (his telephone number is on his website). Keith is a kind and patient man, and is always ready to advise users of his cameras.

For what it is worth, I have had my DLC 45 for about four years and think it is a terrific camera. It has some quirks, as all large format cameras do, but as a lightweight, versatile field camera it is hard to beat.

Ralph Barker
26-Aug-2004, 08:11
I wouldn't be concerned with a slight bit of lateral tolerance (parallel to the surface of the lens board), especially if in fractions of a millimeter. The lens board opening on the front standard must be slightly larger than the dimensions of the lens board to make mounting of the lens board convenient. Wooden cameras and lens boards need even more tolerance than metal ones, to accommodate the natural expansion/contraction of the wood with moisture content.

Kevin M Bourque
26-Aug-2004, 08:57
Mine does exactly the same thing, and I never noticed it until your post prompted me to try.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Wisawa S.
26-Aug-2004, 16:08
Thanks for your help.

I'm not nitpicking about my DLC. I can feel a slight movement when I close/open the shutter lever. Though it is very slight but I can feel it maybe my Arca-Swiss makes me spoiled.

Kevin M Bourque
26-Aug-2004, 17:09
The lensboard should not move when you trip the shutter. Are you using a cable release?

Mine will move a tiny amount if you pull on it, but it is in no way loose.

Wisawa S.
26-Aug-2004, 18:45
Kevin, I don't mean the movement when I trip the shutter for photographing but when I close or open the shutter lever for composing. It is the black triangular-shaped lever ,not the tiny chrome shutter lever. My english is not good enough.