View Full Version : Can Rodenstock 250mm F6.8 imagon cover 8x10?

7-Dec-2013, 19:28
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As title. I like to know it b4 buy it, thanks.

7-Dec-2013, 19:58


The Rodenstock Imagon 250mm H 5,8 Lens (Max. recommended film size -- 4x5)... Will unfortunately not cover 8x10 @Infinity.


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7-Dec-2013, 20:35
The 250mm is optimized for the 4x5 format as pointed out above. Rodenstock did make a 360mm Imagon for the 8x10 format but it was discontinued before WWII.


Bernice Loui
7-Dec-2013, 21:14
No.. but you can try and end up too small an image circle on the 8x10 film.

The 300mm Imagon is intended for 5x7" / 13x18cm

There were three Imagons that covers 8x10.

360mm which appeared in barrel and Compound shutter.

420mm in barrel

480mm in barrel.

Those are your Imagon options for 8x10, all are expensive today and the 420mm and 480mm are expensive and rare.


Hi all,
As title. I like to know it b4 buy it, thanks.

7-Dec-2013, 21:40
I know for certain that the 300mm imagon will cover 8x10 and that the 250mm will nearly illuminate 8x10. It all depends on how much resolution you want in the corners of the image. I prefer the slightly smeary corners of the 300 on 8x10 and if you have one in a compound shutter you can stop down to get them sharp. You won't ever get corner resolution on 8x10 with the 250mm. Some may say also, that you have to use the strainer filters as 'intended', but use it however you want. The 200mm on 4x5 is my favorite

Mark Sawyer
8-Dec-2013, 13:31
I just popped my 250mm Imagon in a Compound shutter and checked. At infinity, the corners of an 8x10 frame are starting to vignette, but there's still some illumination hitting. At portrait distances, it covers. Mind you, it's a bit short for an 8x10 portrait lens, and the outside areas will transition to "extra-mushy", which will be okay for some things, but not for others.

I've used a 300mm Imagon to good effect on 8x10, although it was recommended for 5x7. I've since bought a 360mm, and though it is recommended for whole plate (6.5x8.5-inch), it's my preferred size for 8x10. (The 420mm was recommended for 8x10, but I don't have one, and find the 360, and really even the 300, to be fine for 8x10. Although I'm not sure what your intentions are with the lens, I think most people shooting 8x10 would be much happier with something longer than the 250mm.

8-Dec-2013, 13:54
On the 'bay there is a nice 300mm Imagon in Copal Shutter, as well as a 420m and 480mm in barrel.