View Full Version : Replacements for a Synchro-Compurr P gone bad?

5-Dec-2013, 14:27
What replacement shutter options are there for a schneider xenotar 80mm f2.8 whose synchro-compur P shutter has finally passed beyond the means of a mere CLA?

Possibly an overhaul could make it usable again, but the practicality and potential cost requires me to check out all options.

Ian Greenhalgh
6-Dec-2013, 03:57
Copal, Compur, Prontor or Seikosha. I think the Xenotar 2.8/80 was in a #0 size shutter and all four of those makers made them. I like older rimset Compurs, you can find them on many 6x9 folders and they are usually #0.

6-Dec-2013, 12:24
Yes, it's a #0 shutter. I hadn't thought about folding cameras as a source, I don't want to cannibalize working gear so I'll keep that as a "for parts" possibility. I guess I'm mostly just worried about the front and back lens element spacing when they're screwed in then, and that any size #0 will be appropriate?

I'll see if I can track down the statistics for reference, thanks for the shutter choices to look out for :)

Ian Greenhalgh
6-Dec-2013, 14:16
So far, all the #0 shutters I've had have had the same spacing, I've removed three or four from 6x9 folders, my preference is for old rimset Compurs, they are better built and have more blades than a more modern Copal.

6-Dec-2013, 16:27
Careful, my 80mm Xenotar is in a #1-sized shutter. I believe the newer ones (?) are #1-sized. Be sure before buying a shutter...

6-Dec-2013, 16:42
Careful, my 80mm Xenotar is in a #1-sized shutter. I believe the newer ones (?) are #1-sized. Be sure before buying a shutter...

I will make measurements for sure, the serial number places mine at approximately 1961-1962 which also matches the era the camera it sits in is from. Thanks for the reminder!

8-Dec-2013, 19:56
Since the shutter wasn't working at all (cocking lever blocked, shutter stuck open, dire straits) I decided, what the heck I'll pop it open and give it more than my cursory "is it full of gunk" maintenance look...

Clockwork is amazing, I have no idea how they design all these things :confused:

Long story made short I was able to find a ratchet spring that had pulled loose and it had double duty as "that thing that stops the shutter at the top when cocking" and "get out of the way of the shutter closing again." Drop that spring back in place and give a final drizzle of watch oil and the shutter is back to its old and cranky self.

PS: it turns out to be a #0