View Full Version : Ink Expiration Dates

Brian Sims
5-Dec-2013, 11:16
I am still using Epson K3 inks with expiration dates of 2009. There is no change in the image from the same prints made when the inks were "fresher." Are these dates just a way to get us to buy more ink? Or is there some other quality that might be compromised by using "out-of-date" ink?

Tyler Boley
5-Dec-2013, 17:01
the ink does change, but not necessarily in detrimental ways if you are careful. There is merit in putting an expiration date on them. The main thing is agitating the carts regularly, the pigment can fall out of suspension. If it collects for too long at the bottom of the cart it may not evenly disperse again with some agitation...
Take your carts out and agitate them for a bit, every few weeks if th printer gets little use.

Jim Jones
5-Dec-2013, 17:52
I've used Epson K3 inks a few years beyond expiration dates with no problems. Tyler's suggestion sounds valid.