View Full Version : 300mm lens OK on a Wista DX ??

24-Aug-2004, 22:50
I have a fujinon 300mm C. I am considering a Wista Dx for a lightweight 4x5 Will I be able to use this lens on this camera??

The specs say bellows extension of 305mm

I know you can get longer bellows and extension beds, but can the 300 work without these accessories?



Ralph Barker
25-Aug-2004, 00:26
The usual rule of thumb is to have something like 1.5x the focal length of the lens to allow flexibility in focusing on subjects closer than infinity. With 305mm of bellows, you might prefer something like a Fuji or Nikkor 300T lens, as the telephoto design requires less back-focus distance.

David Karp
25-Aug-2004, 00:41

It depends on what you want to photograph. If you are not going to focus very closely, you might be able to get away with a non-telephoto 300mm lens.

I think that the Fujinon has a shorter flange to focal length than 300mm. Check Ebony's website for the exact distance. This lens, combined with a top hat lensboard, might be enough to satisfy your needs. You might want to chat about this with Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com). I think he can give you some good insight into whether this will work for you.

Joakim Ahnfelt
25-Aug-2004, 01:31
Yes it will work. I have a Fujinon 300 A on my Wista DX. I can focus at something like 7-10 meters away. I've been thinking about a top hat lensboard or a reversed recess lensboard just to get a little closer.

Bob Salomon
25-Aug-2004, 05:18
"I've been thinking about a top hat lensboard or a reversed recess lensboard just to get a little closer."

Thaat would be the Wista Extension Lensboard Set and perhaps some extra Wista Extension Tubes for it.

Gem Singer
25-Aug-2004, 07:19
Hi Jesse,

The Fujinon 300C needs (approx.) 283mm. of bellows length to focus at infinity. The Wista DX has a maximum 305mm. of useable bellows extension. It should allow the Fuji 300C to focus at infinity, but not much closer. The bellows will be extended to it's maximum. I have been using the Ebony 34mm. extension lensboard with my Fuji 300C on a 4X5 Tachihara, which has slightly more bellows extension (330mm.). It works just fine on the Tachi. It should work as well on the Wista.

I purchased my Ebony extension lensboard (same size as the Linhof Tech/Wista board) from Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange. The 34mm. extension ring un-screws and can be replaced with the 17mm. ring, or it can be used as a flat lensboard without an extension ring. It's a handy accessory to have.