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Rob Hale
24-Aug-2004, 20:57
Gentlemen Gentleman

Lets be postive.

When I lasted looked at this site :-


There were only 9 views offerred.

If a potential buyer of Ilford were to see an impressive number of views stated it might - just might encourage them.

May I suggest that those of you who have and do use Ilford products and wish to contuine to do so can post postive views " succintly " stating your support for and desire to contuine to use Ilford B&W products. Also if each person rings 2 fellow B&W Ilford users and persuades them to post postive views and ring 2 more users etc etc results might be forth coming. Remember all users 35 120 as well as L/F can add weight.

You could post copies of your support and wish to contuine buying Ilfprd products to Ilford.


My interset in this is completely non commerceial. I have no connections with Ilford other than I have just purchased my first B&W film in 35 years.

Regards to you all

Rob Hale

Jan Pietrzak
24-Aug-2004, 21:31
Mr. Robert Hale

Thank you for being a voice of reason, at a time when needed. I almost felt that some of the members of a number of lists where already to take the bed curtains down with the silver. Ilford is not in the best of times and neither was Polaroid a year or so ago. A number of things need to happen for a Snow White ending. But Ilford can work out of this. Along with the help of all of use that use real film and real paper. It will take some time. And lets give them all the help we can. Again Rob thank you for your good words.

Jan Pietrzak

Michael Kadillak
24-Aug-2004, 21:37
Excellent and very positive post. I will do so immediately.

For some reason we have many that see only black clouds overhead. If we could go back about several years we would see similar posts about the demise of film at the beginning of the digital era, how 5x7 was a format long since gone and only folks in lithium therapy would consider buying a new camera in 5x7 and nothing anywhere near the expectations have actually occurred.

IMHO, digital is no longer a competitive media to traditional films as was expected, but has found its own independent niche market. It is a great tool we have at our disposal to utilize when one desires. I personally feel it is a money pit to attempt to be ahead of the curve, but I just acquired my first scanner so what the heck even the stubborn can see the light. That does not mean however that traditional films have to do the dirt dance.

Keep your chin up and continue to do what we all do best - Shoot Film!


Gary Frost
24-Aug-2004, 21:51
For 5X7 I shoot HP5+, in 4X5 it's Delta 100 and now FP4+. For paper I use Ilford MG IV in RC and fiber. I use Ilford rapid fixers as well. (mix my own developers) I will continue to buy and use them as long as they are available. I'm getting ready to place an order as soon as the weather cools a bit. (this time the order will be a bit larger: I hope this helps)

25-Aug-2004, 02:52
Just received my order for 10 boxes of FP4+ & 20 litres worth of ID-11. Will be ordering some more HP5+ & paper today...

Of course, mine and other's purchases may be seen as panic buying by potential suitors but in any event it shows a commitment to Ilford products. With B&W film sales "only" dropping 5 - 10%, Ilford's 26% drop this year suggests other factors were at play (a weak US dollar & retailers de-stocking were mentioned - presumably there are other reasons to do with management decisions).

Ilford has been here, pretty much, before and survived to fight another day - Ding... Ding... Seconds out, round three!


Diane Maher
25-Aug-2004, 05:46
I agree. I will be placing an order for some FP4+ soon too. It's what I prefer to shoot in many situations.

Walter Foscari
25-Aug-2004, 07:24
Just picked up my monthly supply of fp4+. Long live Ilford.

Chris Ellinger
25-Aug-2004, 07:41
I just ordered a year's supply of Ilford film and paper, hoping that others might do the same. Maybe a surge in sales will help convince Ilford, or a prospective buyer, that their products are in demand. (If not, at least I will have a supply of my favorite materials.)

I switched to Ilford products years ago. It seemed to me that they were most dedicated to B&W, and I hoped that at least ONE large company would stay in the business.

Time will tell....

ronald lamarsh
26-Aug-2004, 09:33
I'm sending my message to them today

27-Aug-2004, 19:37

Great post... dark clouds will soon pass if we all jump into the que and buy Illford products.

I just picked up 100 rolls of 135-36 exposure Ilford XP-2 Super and 4 boxes of FP-4 4x5 sheet film today... and I'll most likely pick up more in the next couple of weeks. There's lots of room in the freezer!


Jeff Morfit
30-Aug-2004, 10:30
I now primarly buy Ilford films for my 4x5 and medium format cameras. The reason being I do not like Kodak's "new" thin emulsion Tri-X and Plus-X films in 120 format. I have found that the edges damage too easily when loading onto the stainless steel developing reels in the roll film format. If this is the case for roll film how much handling can sheet film take before it gets damaged around the edges. I admit I am now a FP4+ and HP5+ snob when it comes to black and white film. I think that both films, sheet and roll, are much more durable than Kodak's Tri-X and Plus-X films. Also, Ilford is the only company that I know of that produces a 3200 speed film in roll film format. I use this almost exclusively for my telephoto work when photographing moving trains. It has a really fine grain structure for such a fast film. Can you imagine the possiblities if such a film were available in sheet film sizes?