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Ian Greenhalgh
1-Dec-2013, 21:25
I just picked up one of these cheap. The Vade Mecum doesn't give much info:

Wide Angle Anastigmat f6.3 89mm (3.5in) for 5x4, 7in for 1/2plate. See Wra013 This is in the same
design group as the Zeiss Topogon, with very deep external curves and a thick walled Gauss layout. The
89mm version is a generous design. In use it covers 90 at f11 and 100 at f16 or less, or as the B.J.A. 1950
p212 found at f6.3 it covers a 1/4plate, (75) almost perfectly, at f11 a 1/2plate with a little fall off and at f16 a
1/2plate is well covered.

The 7inis less common and has only been seen at No334,65x in barrel mount. The 7in seems to be less
deeply curved than the 89mm, even allowing for the longer focus.

A 7" (178mm) lens of this type would surely cover more than half plate. Has anyone ever used one of these? I'm guessing that it's coverage will be similar to the 89mm and it will cover 90 degrees at f11 and 100 degrees at f16 and less, which certainly sounds like ample coverage for 8x10.

Regular Rod
2-Dec-2013, 02:46
During a downsizing house move I foolishly sold mine with the Kodak Model B Whole Plate camera I used for some years. It was a very fine lens and covered whole plate with ease. I'm pretty sure it would cover 8x10.

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8149/7509096732_26c112256d_o.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7220/7249450672_b0ce3597c1_o.jpg


Ian Greenhalgh
2-Dec-2013, 06:27
Cheers Rod, that's exactly the sort of feedback I was seeking. That first image is wonderful, so sharp and full of detail. Not seen a Dolcis in a long time so I'm guessing it's from the mid to late 70s?

Regular Rod
2-Dec-2013, 07:02
July '82


Ian Greenhalgh
2-Dec-2013, 09:45
Many thanks, a great photo, thanks for sharing.