View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Jena Protar 1:18 F-32cm question

1-Dec-2013, 10:56
I have a Carl Zeiss Jena Protar 1:18 F-32cm lens mounted to a copal No.3 by SK Grimes in excellent condition. I purchased the lens to use on a 20x24 camera for a fine art project. Well, long story short, I never got around to using the lens, and am going to part with this beauty. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the current value is of this rare lens? I hate to let it go, but will be keeping my other lenses such as the wonderful 16.5" Dagor. Thanks for any ballpark ideas, ultimately, I know the market will tell me the value but I always like to get an idea of happening before I put it out there.


1-Dec-2013, 12:45
If you bought it for a project, you already know what it's worth.... to make a short story even shorter, scam elsewhere.

Steven Tribe
1-Dec-2013, 13:04
This is too small for 20x24" - it covers just 12x16"!

You need a 460mm (just) or the 632mm version.

1-Dec-2013, 16:17
Don't believe 16.5in dagor would cover 20x24in.
19 or 19.5in dagor, at least.

1-Dec-2013, 16:24
I'll give you a fair appraisal. Just post a picture of the lens, and put a note in front of the lens, saying, "Photo for the LF forum."

We have to be careful on this forum, we've had newcomers arrive and start hinting they are selling expensive lenses. People start PMing them with "will you sell it" queries (the intended MO). And we've had buyers send money out into la-la land, never to see the lens, or hear from the "seller" again.

So the first thing I ask for is a picture of the lens, with something unusual in the frame. The second thing I ask for is a phone number, then I call the seller to ask a few pointed questions about the lens, that only someone holding it would be able to answer.

Just have to be safe, if you're really just asking....or maybe selling...you'll understand.

Dan Fromm
1-Dec-2013, 16:40
Don't believe 16.5in dagor would cover 20x24in.
19 or 19.5in dagor, at least.
An f/18 Protar isn't an f/6.8 Dagor. Will a 320/18 Protar cover 20 x 24? Depends on which CZJ catalog you look in and which part of the text you pay attention to. See, for example, http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/zeiss_4.html, p. 31. Having read it, I'm not sure what they claim.