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23-Aug-2004, 07:21
As far as I knew, there were only Sinar F1s and Sinar F2s, although looking through the archives, people talk about a Sinar F. I presume this F is the same as the F1....?

Rather than upgrade and lose track of my dutiful monorail, I wonder how far I can continue to work with it without selling it all off for a new F2.

Can the F2's front standard be used on the F1 along with its rail?

Ellis Vener
23-Aug-2004, 08:25
The F1 replaced the Sinar F+ which replaced the Sinar F,

Yes you can use either F2 standard with an F1. For that matter you can combine it with parts from a Sinar Norma (predates the F or the P) or any of the Sinar P components. But stay away from the Sinar Alpina cameras as the standards & rail are not interchangable with the rest of the Sinar system.

Jerry Flynn
23-Aug-2004, 08:52
Just to add a bit of detail to what Ellis said,

Th f+ got a different rail clamp -- the standard p clamp - while the f had what is generally called the "low profile" clamp.

The f1 added larger, rubber clad knobs and a dial-type swing/tilt calculator rather than the simple pointer used on the f+.

As Ellis said, all can be used interchangably. The Alpinas and A1's used an "A" crossectional rail rather than a the standard round Sinar rail. The rest of the standard - from the rise/fall posts on up are identical to f series cameras.

23-Aug-2004, 10:18
Ok - this makes sense. No wonder I couldn't figure out why certain Sinar F'1' bits looked older or more different.

Is there any mileage in upgrading an F1 to an F2 then, if adding an F2 standard to an F1 resolves the more fragile front standard issues?

Not heard of the Alpinas either.

Thanks for this.

Ellis Vener
23-Aug-2004, 15:28
Unless you absolutely need the lighter weight of an F camera, my suggestion is to get the rear standard and groundglass assembly for the Sinar P or P2 and turn your F series camera into a Sinar C. You can then use your rear standard from your f series camera as an intermediate standard or as an accessory standard.

23-Aug-2004, 16:21
make sure not to take the normal F1 front standard. The clamp that wraps around the rail is made of plastic and breaks easily. I had to buy a new front standard and elected to buy a fully metal one. I recommend the F1 with a metal, upgraded front standard.

24-Aug-2004, 20:15

I'm absolutely boggled now. I thought I was getting the hang of this, but I think I'm just as confused although I can't be sure.

What is a Sinar C?

How does an accessory standard on a Sinar F1 + P series rear standard work out to be lighter?

Andrew - is there a particular metal upgraded front standard for the Sinar F series? I think this may solve my difficulties (except for the lack of geared movements and everything else...), although thinking about Jerry's point and Ellis, would a Sinar F be a more portable field monorail than the F1 which stays indoors?

Thanks for trying to explain.

Ellis Vener
25-Aug-2004, 07:50
The Sinar C /C2 ("C" for combination) is exactly what it sounds like ; the front standard from a Sinar F/f1/f2 used with the rear end of a Sinar P or P2. it is heavier than any of the Sinar F cameras, but substantially lighter than a P. I found this to be the best combination for both location and studio work. The p rear standard is much more precise and more delightful to use than the F/F1/F2 rear standard. The built-in depth of field & tilt/swing angle calculator is much more precise and easier to use than the simplified version used in the F cameras. It is also uses truly asymmetric tilts and swing axis, while the F cameras use simple base tilt designs on both standards.