View Full Version : any Phillips 8x10 compact II user in NYC area?

Jeff Liao
23-Aug-2004, 01:16

is there any Phillips 8x10 compact II user in NYC area? i have been thinking to get one, but never see or touch one before.

if anyone can show me the camera will be really appreciated.



Polo Yang
9-Sep-2004, 00:26
Hi,jeff have you received my email with the link of talking about old lens? Xiang Yu 's large format camera will be product out soon. Keep contacting!


9-Sep-2004, 01:37
Hello Jeff! As true photographic situations seems sometimes more interesting than the whole end result, I put again a little gallery of life behinde the Compact II on my gallerysite: http://www.janeerala.net/gallery/ I think I will let it stay there for some week, or so.

And about the camera, I can't say anything more than if you buy one, you'll really gonna make a good deal.

Jan, Makholma City, Finland.