View Full Version : Help - Firing Pin in Ilex #5 Came Loose

27-Nov-2013, 10:01
I was just doing a few shots using the Ilex #5 shutter when the cable release fell from the shutter.
At the end of the cable release thread was another thread, encased in plastic, and out of the shutter popped a small plastic pin.
To put everything back, first the pin goes in, followed by the threaded part, you just push them in.

My question, somewhat urgent, is how do these things stay in the shutter? Does one usually use some sort of glue?
I just want to make sure in case I do anything permanent and/or destructive.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Goldstein
27-Nov-2013, 10:16
Your best bet is to call Frank Marshman and ask him. He's the expert, and has spare parts.

27-Nov-2013, 10:25
Thanks, Steve; I called Mr Marshman, a very nice guy, and he told me to use a strong glue, anything that will hold the pieces in the shutter.
And he advised me to be careful about getting any glue on the pin itself, as that will interfere with firing the shutter.