View Full Version : Which lens to choose?

27-Nov-2013, 03:02
Hello, I'm building a home made box camera. I already did a medium format one with which I've been working for a year, now is time for large format!
I'm looking for a cheap lens that can open at least to f4.5 or 5.6 since I don't work in a studio and the sensibility of the photographic paper I use to take the negatives is low. I'm completely new in large format photography so I'm having trouble at choosing a lens, I don't know in which of the lenses I'm seeing I'm paying the quality and in which ones I'm paying the fact of them being old and being sold as antique. For about 40 to 100 USD I've seen these lens, if anyone could give me advice about one or more of them I'd be very thankful!

Ilex Anastigmat 140mm f4.5
Kodak Ektar 152mm f4.5
Carl Zeiss Dominar-Anastigmat 135mm f1:4,5
Steinheil Muchen Culminar 135mm f1:4.5
Rodenstock Rogonar-S 135mm 4.5
Coated Wollensak Raptar 127mm f/4.5
Ihagee TRIPLEX Anastigmat 135mm 4.5
Schneider Tele-Xenar 270mm f5.5

Thanks again!