View Full Version : 12x20 Plate holder

Mike Cockerham
22-Aug-2004, 13:41
In the post before I was asking about rebuilding 2 12x20 film holders, It turns out that one of them is a 12x20 plate holder. Is it possible to make this work with film or is it a holder that is more valuable left as a plate holder. Anyone have a film holder that they would like to make a deal for a plate holder?

Thanks Mike

John Kasaian
22-Aug-2004, 20:18

To my understanding, a removable septum is what you need to convert a plate holder to a film holder...at least this is how it works on my 5x7 plate holders. Are your 12x20 holders for a Korona or a Folmer & Schwing?

Mike Cockerham
22-Aug-2004, 20:30
They are for a Folmer.


Ole Tjugen
23-Aug-2004, 04:43
Plate holders are all I have for my old 18x24cm camera. I simply put a thin fibre-board plate behind the film. I started with the glass off a cheap clip frame on one side, and the board on the other side (double plate holders). Since it made no difference in use, I swapped the glass for fibre board for weight reasons.

Mike Cockerham
23-Aug-2004, 06:27
How do you secure the film in so that it doesn't bow out and get caught by the darkslide?