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John Kasaian
25-Nov-2013, 21:58
I was sorting through my "stuff" and found a jar of Kodak Opaque Red----dried up of course. I was wondering what kind of thinner might bring it back to "life" so of course I also thought of asking here :)
Does anybody know? Or should I throw it away?

25-Nov-2013, 22:45
Kodak Opaque Red is water based. Wet a brush and work the surface of the opaque until a puddle forms. Good coverage should be achieved on film with the first application and is VERY dependent upon having the right proportion of water in the mix. Film needs to be very clean because grease and chemical deposits on the surface will repel the opaque. It was designed to be used on the emulsion side of the film but can be used on the back of the film but the mix will need to be of a perfect consistency to provide one stroke coverage. Don't be tempted to apply it too thickly because it dries with the consistency of clay and will crack. When you leave it out to dry, be aware that cockroaches love eating this stuff and you may find that your retouching efforts have disappeared overnight.

p.s. Don't throw it out. It is still perfectly good to use. You can transfer a small amount into a water color palette or lid and wet it as required. It will dry and harden between uses.

John Kasaian
25-Nov-2013, 22:50

Andrew O'Neill
25-Nov-2013, 22:57
I've had the same jar since 1986. The stuff seems to last forever. Just dip in a brush wetted with distilled water and Bob's your uncle.