View Full Version : 12x20 holder rebuild

Mike Cockerham
21-Aug-2004, 22:20
Does Anyone have experience rebuilding 12x20 filmholders. I have two one needs the darkslde replace, the wooden handel is in good shape but the slde has gotten wet adn has warped and buckeled. The other one has loose joints where slides are inserted in and leaks light , possible due to bad light trap material. How hard is it to rebuild these? ThanksMike

Jay DeFehr
22-Aug-2004, 00:24
I'm having a pair of 10x12 holders rebuilt by a friend who is a custom furniture builder, and very talented. It is most certainly beyond me. I could probably make a darkslide, but that's about where my abilities and toolkit end. For the price of replacement holders, you can afford to spend quite a bit for a rebuild. If you're interested, I'll ask my friend if he'd consider taking your project on.

Bill Jefferson
22-Aug-2004, 00:29
Mike, Look at filmholders.com

Michael Jones
22-Aug-2004, 07:43
Ditto on Bill's advice. I've had Alan rebuild several 8x20 and 7x17 film holders and its his speciality. He also converted 8x20 plate holders to film holders. While he is not cheap, he's one of the best. Good luck.