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Herb Cunningham
21-Aug-2004, 11:05
I have a nice c.p. goerz berlin 300mm f6.3 lens that is a really good lens, and a Turner Reich triple convertible, size 8x10. Both have threaded front barrels, and the threads are in good shape. the bad news is that the modern threads don't match. My camera repair guy recommends taking a step up ring and lightly tapping it into the threads, i.e. a force fit, and leaving it on forever.

How about this? It seems sacreligous. I have the Lee rubber band thingy that takes 4x4 filters, but it is not my first choice, and no compendium shade.


21-Aug-2004, 11:56
A little less sacreligous but in the past I've taped step rings to lens. The tape can damage the barrel finish but I don't own anything worth collecting-)

Steve Hamley
21-Aug-2004, 12:39

I had S. K. Grimes make them for me. Not cheap, but you can get threaded or push on filter adapters.


Jim Rhoades
21-Aug-2004, 15:00
Herb; I had the same problem with a Wollensak triple convertible. I asked here and there was no answer as to the real size. It was all send it to S.K. Grimes. Well it was very close to the standard 62mm. I took a cheapo 62mm filter filed down the threads till it was just right, then used some household "Goop" to glue it in place. The Goop is a rubberized glue that can be peeled off if need be. I then took out the retaining ring and removed the filter. I've been using it for over a year with no problems and it can be removed without damage to the lens anytime.

I've also used Goop to mount old lenses without retaining rings to plywood lens boards. Never any damage to the lenses but I have had to cut the board to remount the lens for another camera. No big deal I make the boards a half a dozen at a time.

John Kasaian
21-Aug-2004, 15:02

Voss makes a metal thingy that has a slot for filters and two flaps that serve as shades. The whole enchilada fits aboard your lens with a steel vee-spring. Quite nice(inexpensive) but doesn't come close to fitting really large lenses like my 10" Wide FIeld Ektar. I haven't seen mine in a while, but if I find it I'll see if it will fit my 12" Dagor and let you know. I think I got it from Calumet.

21-Aug-2004, 16:52
Take your lenses to the next photo flea market, and plan on spending a lot of time digging through the boxes of slip-on filter adapters until you find proper fits.

Jim Rice
21-Aug-2004, 17:41
For my 16.5" Apo-Artar i use a 67>72mm step-up ring which is a little larger than the outside diameter of the lens barrel. I then use a rubber band around the barrel to achieve an interference fit for the ring. It works like a charm, and with a red rubber band even looks natty.

Ralph Barker
21-Aug-2004, 21:54
When all else fails, Herb, (or, until you have a more solid solution) you can always just hold the filter in front of the lens. Sounds a little strange, but depending on what filter size you may have already "standardized" on, that may be an option. For example, I have one set of 77mm filters that I adapt to most of my LF lenses, then a couple of 105mm filters I use on the monsters.

Although the ideal is to have the filter perpendicular to the axis of the lens, it's unlikely that you'd notice the difference with the filter being a millimeter or so askew. I just hold the filter a few mm in front of the lens just before I trip the shutter.

phil sweeney
22-Aug-2004, 06:25
A series IX adapter is one way but then you need the series IX filters. I had S.K. Grimes make an adapter that uses 3 screws like the old series 9 adapters (the new one uses a single screw which presses on a spring steel band). I had the adapter made to accept 67mm threads so I could use my existing filters. The adapter works well with my 11 x 14 T-R and my 24 inch red dot and anything smaller. The adapter costs less to make than the cost of a new series 9 adapter and has a greater range for diameter. I had the adapter made to use 3 nylon screws and nothing is faster. It will not work on big modern lenses.

22-Aug-2004, 07:36
Tiffen made something like that. It was called the MCS system I think. The system started with one of two rings with three screws. The biggest one can fit lens with an outside diameter up to 105mm. The front of the ring is magnetic and could take a range of items. Filter rings up to at least 67mm but I think they went up to 72mm. 4x4 and 3x3 filter holders. Tiffen also made filters in the format. All the add ons are also magentic making it possible to stack things. Supposedly they also made a shade to fit but I've never seen it.

It's not made any more but they show up from time to time.