View Full Version : What is the best source (least expensive) for large retaining rings?

John D Gerndt
21-Aug-2004, 06:51
I have two lenses with the same threading: El Nikor 210mm and Ronar CL 480mm f11. I need retaining rings for each but wish to avoid paying ($85) to have them made. Surely somewhere there is a prefabricated one for sale.

By the way, I found that they matched by checking them against a friend's ring and I do not know the exact size of the threading; if someone knows this (as it seems it may have been a standard size) please inform me and thanks in advance for the kindness.


David A. Goldfarb
21-Aug-2004, 07:13
Try www.mpex.com. Call or e-mail, because they don't usually list such things on their website.

Ernest Purdum
21-Aug-2004, 07:57
You might try www.nikonusa.com for the El-Nikkor.

21-Aug-2004, 08:16
equinoxphotographic(.com) might also have what you are looking for ...


John Kasaian
21-Aug-2004, 08:31

Equinox Photographic does a pretty good business selling used retaining rings and flanges(I think $15 is what they charge) you'll have to send your lenses to them for fitting though. If they have the rings you'll save $$ if not you'll be out the postage.

Good luck!

Ted Harris
21-Aug-2004, 10:45
I haven't prdered any from SK Grimes since befofe Steve's untimely death but several years ago virtually any size was $15.

John D Gerndt
22-Aug-2004, 13:48
Thanks guys. I will try each of these suggestions until I have what I need.


23-Aug-2004, 07:17
Not quite pertinent but large 'snap' retainers actually do work well - as a last resort - and are mere pennies in cost. Snap the retainer over the thread against the board and turn the lens in a bit for a snug fit. I'd recommend such an approach for something less dear than a Nikon lens because they can mung the threads. Good for oddball lenses.