View Full Version : Fuji W 125 f/5.6 vs. Nikon AM 120 f/5.6 ED

23-Nov-2013, 08:48
I'm looking for a less wide lens then my 90mm Schneider . And I came a cross this 2 lenses for a very good price.
I'd like to hear from people that know or used these lenses which one to get for my 4x5 camera.

thank you

23-Nov-2013, 08:54
The Nikkor is a macro lens, and from online perusal, has a small image circle at infinity (120mm).
It's probably good at close range only.
The Fuji is a general-purpose lens with a much larger IC.
Two very different lenses.

25-Nov-2013, 21:10
Which Fuji 125/5.6 W? Here's the whole list: http://www.willwilson.com/byfl.htm
If it's the 46mm filter thread single-coated "W," then it has quite a large image circle for a small Plasmat lens. I have that version, and I'm very pleased with it. The other, later, multicoated ones have slightly smaller image circles, and larger filter threads, but they'll all do very well as a good wide lens on 4x5. Whichever one you're looking at will be a great lens. If you're looking at the older "W," the biggest concern will be with the old shutter and how accurate it might be, and whether or not it'll need servicing.